Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jean Conflict - Jean Conflict (1988)

Here we have a very rare new wave LP out of Israel by Jean Conflict. This really has a nice dark and ethereal sound to it, with great male and female vocals. Rami Fortis (vocalist) was also a member of Minimal Compact. This record contains the fairly well-circulated track "One Day I Smile" which has a video that I'll post below. The few copies that are out there have the file names/tags all messed up, so I cleaned this up for you guys (and gals). There are a couple of hops/skips, but it's good otherwise. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Exercise
A2 - One Day I Smile
A3 - Staki Paki
A4 - Different Ways
A5 - Hunters
B1 - Special Guest
B2 - Pictures (Live)
B3 - Asuan (Live)
B4 - Reflection of Art (Live)
B5 - Wires (Live)

Download (re-uploaded June 26, 2013)


Anonymous said...

Well, although Minimal Compact's first records belong to my all-time faves, I do not like this album very much, no really good songs here. Only the first one sounds OK. What a pity. Thank you anyway for letting me listen to this!

Vanilla Face said...

I would probably agree with you. I quite like the first track, the rest isn't too great. I like Special Guest. Mostly I posted this for its rarity. Thanks for commenting :)

Anonymous said...

any chance to re-upload this gem?

Anonymous said...

Can you PLEASE re-post this download? They are so amazing :)

Vanilla Face said...


mess said...

So glad to find this place still going and re-uplodaing old links, truly thankful4. Thanks!