Friday, July 2, 2010

Various Artists - Crispy Nuggets (Vol. 2)

Ok, you guys liked the first one, so here's the 2nd unofficial compilation of obscurities that I put together. Can't promise the same results, but I think these tracks are pretty great. Lots of unreleased stuff gathered here. I figure it's about time some things be heard.

Big thanks to my friend Kez, a former member/vocalist of Aaah...! who was kind enough to share some unreleased material as well as a few of his other works with me. I chose 2 from Artistic Control and 1 Ahhh...! demo for this compilation. Expect to hear more on Volume 3... I hear talks of an Aaah...! re-release on Dark Entries trickling through the grapevine. Each and every one of you should keep and eye out and add that to your collection when it drops.

Hope you guys dig this half as much as you did the first one. I'll see what I can do about CN3. Enjoy!

Track List:

01 - Artistic Control - Dance With Me
02 - Decode - Planet Of Youth
03 - The Trial - Terrible Scream
04 - Aaah...! - My World Inside
05 - Fizzy Scalps - Il y a Longtemps
06 - Bobby And Synthia - Dig That Space
07 - Siflèt - Rodger
08 - Tres - TV
09 - The Paradox - The Shadow Took Shape
10 - Sidewalk Cindy - Carry On
11 - David Sinfield - N.Y. Two
12 - Astrea Redux - Timemachine
13 - Caplo Banaal - I
14 - Paul Chambers - Take A Ticket
15 - Artistic Control - Fallen Angel