Monday, April 22, 2013

2000 Plus - The Very First (1986)

Today we have an LP from Netherlands that has somehow managed to stay mostly under the radar, until now. A lone self-release by a band who coined their name after an old science fiction radio program. The entire record is clearly influenced by the sci-fi genre, as you'll notice right away from the sonic intro track, Lifebored. Don't let that description put you off, though -- these tracks have a wonderful dark quality to them as well; the sort of perfect dichotomy that I love the most. Don't miss this one, trust me. Enjoy!

Track List:

 A1 - Lifebored
 A2 - Hij Begon
 A3 - Europa
 A4 - Spaces In Time
 A5 - Event
 B1 - Coma
 B2 - The Very First
 B3 - Tension
 B4 - Homewards


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Near Paris re-issue on Medical Records LLC!!!

Unbelievably stoked to announce that the first contribution to the Medical Records LLC family will be NEAR PARIS. By far one of my favorite posts on this blog. Original post here.

This release includes the 4-track EP (their only release), and 7 demos lifted carefully from cassette by yours truly. I think you'll be pleased with the sound of them. Pre-order here:

Absolutely essential LP my friends, let's keep this going so we can see more Crispy Nuggets posts turn into re-issues!

Thanks as always for the support!