Thursday, August 20, 2015

Effetto Joule - Stars Your Memory (198x)

This is not just a new music post, but also an announcement of sorts. Some of you are aware of my partnership with Medical Records LLC, in which we have worked together to help put out some of the best reissues and new releases you'll find anywhere. This post is a promo introduction to some of the tracks we will feature on a future release. I encourage you to follow the Medical Records LLC facebook page for updates!

Thanks to the connections of some dear and long-term friends in Italy, I was introduced to this amazing band and subsequently able to setup the aforementioned release. Now, the details:

Effetto Joule began as a 4-piece electro-synthpop band from Bologna, Italy, in 1987. The band was comprised of brothers Valerio (vocals) and Flavio Biagi, Valerio Tassinari, and Massimo Chericoni (who would later leave the band). Effetto Joule's sound was, for me, instantly catchy. Their tracks are full of rich and warm melodies layered across pulsing electronic beats. It's bands like this that are the epitome of this blog, and I hope you'll agree. EJ released 2 cassettes and a 12" titled "Roberspierre", which will also see a re-issue on Mannequin Records, featuring a remix from world-famous italo DJ, Fleming Dalum. All the while, the band had recorded quite a lot of demos, some of which we have chosen and carefully curated for the upcoming LP release. Don't miss this one! Enjoy.

Track List:

 01. Active Ray
 02. Quasar
 03. Chlore Dress
 04. Pleasure For Fantasy
 05. Stars Your Memory
 06. Videotone (Live)

(note: these are not the final versions that will be used on the LP and digital downloads, nor is this the full track list for the LP)