Monday, August 31, 2009

Class Action - Class Action (1984)

This one is interesting for a couple of reasons. Initially the record comes off as rather pop sounding, but as it goes on it becomes less and less so. Before too long you'll be reminded of bands like Neon, especially in some parts of the vocals. I'd have to say that "Blast Off" and "Well Designed" are my favorites from this one. Overall a nice piece of minimal wave with some truly great synth melodies.

Track list:

A1 - Out of Time
A2 - Break Away
A3 - Blast Off
B1 - Violence (Daylight Turns To)
B2 - Well Designed

Download (sendspace)
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last Man In Europe: Re-uploaded

Just re-ripped and re-uploaded the Last Man In Europe 7", get it here. Sorry for the delay!

Various Artists - First Relation (1983)

Here we have a nice and rather sought after compilation from Italy on Mask records. If you liked Lisfrank (below), this contains another of their tracks, and quite a few other tasty morsels. I have to apologize in advance as this copy has some skips/hops on the Tanzen's Fields track, but everything else should be good. If anyone out there has a clean copy of that track, please share it!

Track list:

A1 - Aus Decline - Five Years Life
A2 - Militia - Limbo
A3 - Lisfrank - Man Without Limits
A4 - F.A.R. - Lights In The Deep
A5 - KKD - House TV
B1 - KKD - And Your Mind
B2 - V.U.D. - Look!
B3 - Take For Run - Please Me
B4 - Tanzen's Fields - Sally Song
B5 - Dark Tales - Dismals


Friday, August 28, 2009

Svart Klovn - Queen Bitch / A-hhh (1986)

Some of you are probably familiar with Svart Klovn's "Knust Knekt" which appears on its own 7" as well as more recent comps like Maskidans. "Queen Bitch" is the English version of that track, so it'll sound familiar ;)

Svart Klovn is an alias of the artist Kid Death, who put together a band called "Kid D. & The Nightshades", which released a self-titled LP. Both of these tracks are from that LP, including a cover of Clockwork Orange's "Sensation Boys". There's also a cover of Velvet Underground's "Venus in Furs". I have the 2 cover tracks, but not a full rip of the LP, so if anyone could rip that for me, that would be wonderful!

I just got done ripping/scanning this one, and let me just say the b-side is one of my all-time favorite songs -- "A-hhh". It's certainly aptly named as you'll hear "Ohh" and "Ahh" frequently throughout the track. Pulsating analog synths and Kid Death's sensual crooning make for one crispy little nugget. See for yourself.

Track list:

A - Queen Bitch
B - A-hhh


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lisfrank - Man Mask (1982)

Here we have another little nugget that will put a hurtin' on your piggy bank. A wonderfully dark 12" out of Italy that I think you'll enjoy, if you like dark minimal/synthpop -- and of course you do, or you wouldn't be here. Enjoy.

Track list:

A1 - It's Life
A2 - Night Calling
B1 - Violence In My Mind
B2 - I Still Believe In Love


Monday, August 24, 2009

White Pain - Paroles Absurdes (1986)

NOTE: Now freshly ripped (track A2 was faulty)

This LP is really fantastic, I must say. An example of perfect French minimal synth/wave. I've listened to "A Kick In Your Mind" about 100 times today. You definitely need to check that one out.

Track list:

A1 - Tomorrow's Enough
A2 - Nowhere To Go
A3 - State Of Mind
B1 - Différentes Attitudes
B2 - Get Out
B3 - A Kick In Your Mind
B4 - Paroles Absurdes


Naked Lunch - You Tie Me Down (1984)

Filling soundmill's request, Naked Lunch's 3rd and final 7" release.

Track list:

A - You Tie Me Down
B - Laugh Your Mind Away


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Naked Lunch - Rabies (1981)

Nice debut 7" from the UK's Naked Lunch, who took their name from William S Burroughs' 1959 novel. Probably my favorite of their... I think, 3 releases... correct me if I'm wrong. You should enjoy both sides of this minimal synth gem.

Track list:

A - Rabies
B - Slipping Again


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Art Déco - European Crime (1985)

Ok, most of the time I get pretty worn out by a song when it runs to 7 or 8 minutes, but somehow I don't mind listening to every last second of this one. Art Déco are a short-lived band from Italy that released this and two other 12" records between 85-86. I have the other two records if anyone's interested, but this one is far and away the best (in my opinion). I should note, I don't have the "shorter" version (track B1) ripped, so it's not included in the upload, but I'll remedy that as soon as I can.

Track list:

A1) European Crime (7:50)
B1) European Crime (5:32)
B2) The Fake Of Lovin' (Art Mix) (4:30)


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lonely Boys - Hold Me (1986)

I have to say I really love this one. After he left Alphaville, Frank Mertens released this 12" with his girlfriend Martina on vocals. I am a huge sucker for his genius on the synths, with tracks like "Summer In Berlin" and "A Victory of Love". If you like those songs, you should also enjoy this record. Title track is just great... not much else I can say, check it out!

Track list:

A1 - Hold Me (Extended Remix)
B1 - Hold Me
B2 - Lonely Boy


1-Syntax-1 - Negatives (1984)

Nice minimal/synthpop 7" from the UK. 1-Syntax-1 split up around 1985, with members going on to collaborate with other bands, including Camera Obscura, Paradise Now, and Hoi Poloi (Steve Wright of Fiat Lux). The three members of the band were aged 19 to 20 when this was released. I'm particularly fond of the B-side track "Feel No Touch". Check it out.

Track list:

A - Negatives
B - Feel No Touch


Sunday, August 9, 2009

R.E.K. - Computer Haben Herzschmerz (1983)

Super catchy minimal/synthpop 7" (also available on 12"). Really nice, warm analog synth sounds accompanied by a nice mix of male and female vocals. Easy to enjoy this one.

Track list:

A - Computer Haben Herzschmerz
B - Die Zeitmaschine


Friday, August 7, 2009

Mirrors - Two Tracks (2009)

Brand new and absolutely brilliant synthpop band out of the UK. I hope for and expect great things from them. They have no official release yet (that I'm aware of...), but they're releasing a 7" for which I will provide a purchase link below. Both of these tracks are great, I look forward to a full-length release. Check them out!

Look At Me

OrganSong (demo)

Order the Look At Me 7" here.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Carol - Breakdown (1981)

How about a female vocalist for a change. Nice 7" written/composed by Micky Mike of Snowy Red fame. Hard to come by and pretty sought after I'm afraid. "So Low" is probably my favorite of the two nice tracks. Great/haunting synths. Enjoy.

Track list:

A - Breakdown
B - So Low