Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Turquoise Days - Grey Skies (1984)

A true minimal synth masterpiece.

All of the TD material will be released on vinyl through the Minimal Wave label -- can't wait for that!

Video for "Grey Skies" in 1984:

Here's the track list and download link for the Grey Skies 7".

A - Grey Skies
B - Blurred

Download - link removed

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Parade Ground - Dual Perspective (1987)

I recently purchased this 12" and I must say... it's quite good. The opening track is fantastic (as seen in the video below), and I'm also quite fond of "Moans", which features Colin Newman of Wire. It should also be noted that some production for this record was done by Daniel B. of Front 242.

A1 - Gold Rush
A2 - Snake
B1 - Moans
B2 - Action Replay


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Distant Drums - Perfect Eyes (1982)

This is a pretty scarce minimal synth 7" which was released in the UK. I can't help enjoying the bassline and flowing synths of "Halloween". Maybe you will too. Enjoy!

Track List:

A - Perfect Eyes
B - Halloween


Decadance - On and On (Fears Keep On) (1983)

I suppose this italo classic is pretty well-known, but it's worth posting for anyone who hasn't heard it yet. Easily one of my favorites from the genre. Fairly pricey, so save your pennies up.

A - On and On (Fears Keep On)
B - On and On (Dub Version)


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Filling a Few Requests...

While browsing Mr. Goutroy's wonderful blog: A Viable Commercial, I noticed that I do indeed have several of the items in his wantlist. So, why not post them here for everyone?

Modern Mannequins - Streets of Broken Glass (12") (1985)
Perfect Vision - Tongues Out (mlp) (1985)

Enjoy! I might have a few others from your list around somewhere, but I'll have to look.

Clockwork Orange - Sensation Boys (1985)

I'm fortunate enough to own this 7" as well, I really love this title track. Like Boxbury Beat (below), "Sensation Boys" is also featured on the Maskidans compilation, but it's the demo version (which I don't think is nearly as good). The B-side, although not quite as catchy, is also worth a listen.

A - Sensation Boys
B - Spellbound


Boxbury Beat - Never Along With You (1985)

This is a great release, I definitely like the B-side the most, which is apparently on this release as well (not sure if a real release or not). The band also recently released the song "Thunder and Lightning" on the Maskindans - Norsk Synth 1980-1988 compilation. In any case, definitely add this one to your rotation if you haven't already.

A - Never Along With You
B - Windows


3 Miles From Here - Heroes / Until Then (1989)

I'm fortunate enough to own this rare gem. I don't know much about this Swedish band, beyond the fact that they disappeared after making this brilliant Synth / EBM 7" which was (in my opinion) ahead of its time. The b-side track, "Until Then" is pretty well circulated, but you don't run into the A-side often. Both tracks are fantastic, so if you don't know it already, be sure to check it out.

Track List:

A - Heroes
B - Until Then