Thursday, April 2, 2009

3 Miles From Here - Heroes / Until Then (1989)

I'm fortunate enough to own this rare gem. I don't know much about this Swedish band, beyond the fact that they disappeared after making this brilliant Synth / EBM 7" which was (in my opinion) ahead of its time. The b-side track, "Until Then" is pretty well circulated, but you don't run into the A-side often. Both tracks are fantastic, so if you don't know it already, be sure to check it out.

Track List:

A - Heroes
B - Until Then



Anonymous said...


Thanks a lot for this rip!

I suppose not, but have you ever thought of selling this one? I would be happy to buy it from you :o)


Vanilla Face said...

Sorry, Nico, I'm not interested in selling at this time. If I ever am, I will let you know :)

Unknown said...

Hi from Sweden :)
I went to military duty with one of the guys in this band.

Lost that record, but very happy to find it now after 20 years :)


Vanilla Face said...

Hi Roger,

That's awesome, you should get in touch with him again. Maybe he has a spare copy to give you ;)

22ndWave said...

Really cool B-side. Love the synth instrumental where it goes quiet and echoes. Swell stuff

Anonymous said...

thanks very, very much for this music! i was really looking for it, but with no success.. till now!!! thax once more!!!