Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Parade Ground - Dual Perspective (1987)

I recently purchased this 12" and I must say... it's quite good. The opening track is fantastic (as seen in the video below), and I'm also quite fond of "Moans", which features Colin Newman of Wire. It should also be noted that some production for this record was done by Daniel B. of Front 242.

A1 - Gold Rush
A2 - Snake
B1 - Moans
B2 - Action Replay



ef59240 said...


Can you reupload Parade ground Dual perspective the link is dead

Thanks for advance

Vanilla Face said...

fixing, one moment!

Anonymous said...

This blog is awesome. I can't find these bands anywhere else.
I love Parade Ground and Electronic Suicide

Scraps said...

Hello -- I just found your blog. I could have found it ten years ago, but at least you kept your links fresh, even though you're not posting anymore (far as I know), so I appreciate it. I can tell I'm going to get a good amount of unknown music here. Cheers.