Thursday, April 2, 2009

Clockwork Orange - Sensation Boys (1985)

I'm fortunate enough to own this 7" as well, I really love this title track. Like Boxbury Beat (below), "Sensation Boys" is also featured on the Maskidans compilation, but it's the demo version (which I don't think is nearly as good). The B-side, although not quite as catchy, is also worth a listen.

A - Sensation Boys
B - Spellbound



Anonymous said...


Thank you very much.
I have started "Maskindansk" listening and it is addicting more and more!

At the end, I must say I love your blog, as well as Goutroy's one!

Thanks once again for the music you spread!

22ndWave said...

Just discovered your blog! Nice collection. 'Sensation Boys' is a nice track though I'm not keen on the B-side. Working my way through the tracks right now