Thursday, April 2, 2009

Boxbury Beat - Never Along With You (1985)

This is a great release, I definitely like the B-side the most, which is apparently on this release as well (not sure if a real release or not). The band also recently released the song "Thunder and Lightning" on the Maskindans - Norsk Synth 1980-1988 compilation. In any case, definitely add this one to your rotation if you haven't already.

A - Never Along With You
B - Windows



musicjunkie said...

You may want to try

It's a site that specializes in hard to find records. If it's not on there, you can also creat a wish list, so if it's ever posted you'll be notified.

Good Luck with the hunt!

Vanilla Face said...

Thanks. I've used GEMM in the past, although I've stopped recently because the organization of the site got on my nerves. I guess that's no excuse, I'll try your suggestion. Other sites I use are eBay (obviously), discogs, and musicstack.

Anonymous said...

I have got a copy. If interested send an e-mail to espen.holt(a)

Anonymous said...

Lovely music VanillaFace. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing bands.

Anonymous said...

You're right, the flipside is great! Thank you!

22ndWave said...

Wow. Really good lost gem here. The B-side is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Listening again to the flipside, I find many elements and sounds from Yazoo. Which isn't a bad thing.

Tangerman said...

They have a demo called "Upperwalk" too. Thats another great track from them.

Tangerman (goblinsclub) said...
News from Boxbury Beat:
Playing live in Hamar tonight.
"AUG 24 UNDER BRUA FESTIVAL (Under The Bridge Festival)
Boxbury Beat is playing at Under Brua Festival. This is the first time the band will play live at some length. You will hear mostly new material, and the new songs are to be released on our upcoming album."!

Unknown said...

Boxbury Beat Album out!!
The new album is now available for sale. CD from our site and digital downloading from Itunes, CDBaby and more to come. Also availabe on Spotify.

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