Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dono Detti - Esplanade Hotel, Live 18 March 1983

Here's a very special treat from way down under (and way back when music was fresh and exciting). You may be familiar with this Aussie band by way of the compilation Signal To Noise Set, which contains their great track Flesh and Steel (wait till around the 1 minute mark). Here's what little info I know on the band itself:

Initiated in 1983 as an experimental project by Jandy & Joseph. They were joined by Wes on keyboards for a while before the line up settled with Jandy Rainbow on vocals, programming & keyboards, Julie McInnes on vocals, sax & cello, Joseph Sgro on electronic percussion & backing vocals and Ross Guy on synthesiser & backings vocals.

Well, as is usually the case with these bands, there is more (although often hard to find). In this case, we have a CD-r from 2004 that went almost entirely under the radar, containing a live set performed by the band in 1983. I'm not usually one for live material, but these are crystal clear and sound more like solid demos.

There are 2 other such releases to my knowledge, another from 1983 and one from 1984 as well. If anyone can help those surface, that would be amazing! For now, enjoy!

Track List:

01 - We Grow Old
02 - Stuffed Shirt
03 - Shallow Vessel
04 - Strange Fruit
05 - Automation
06 - Machines Are Taking Over
07 - Surrender To Your Kiss
08 - The Cat
09 - Flash