Friday, July 2, 2010

Various Artists - Crispy Nuggets (Vol. 2)

Ok, you guys liked the first one, so here's the 2nd unofficial compilation of obscurities that I put together. Can't promise the same results, but I think these tracks are pretty great. Lots of unreleased stuff gathered here. I figure it's about time some things be heard.

Big thanks to my friend Kez, a former member/vocalist of Aaah...! who was kind enough to share some unreleased material as well as a few of his other works with me. I chose 2 from Artistic Control and 1 Ahhh...! demo for this compilation. Expect to hear more on Volume 3... I hear talks of an Aaah...! re-release on Dark Entries trickling through the grapevine. Each and every one of you should keep and eye out and add that to your collection when it drops.

Hope you guys dig this half as much as you did the first one. I'll see what I can do about CN3. Enjoy!

Track List:

01 - Artistic Control - Dance With Me
02 - Decode - Planet Of Youth
03 - The Trial - Terrible Scream
04 - Aaah...! - My World Inside
05 - Fizzy Scalps - Il y a Longtemps
06 - Bobby And Synthia - Dig That Space
07 - Siflèt - Rodger
08 - Tres - TV
09 - The Paradox - The Shadow Took Shape
10 - Sidewalk Cindy - Carry On
11 - David Sinfield - N.Y. Two
12 - Astrea Redux - Timemachine
13 - Caplo Banaal - I
14 - Paul Chambers - Take A Ticket
15 - Artistic Control - Fallen Angel


smith said...

Aaah... another great comp! ;)

frankie teardrop said...

i might like this one better than the first? either way, always nice to have more Tres traxx. 'break your body down' has become a wierd party hit!

Anonymous said...

There are some fantastic tracks here! I am looking forward to hearing more stuff by Artistic Control and Ahhh...! As there is so little info to find on the web regarding many of the tracks, it would be fantastic if you could provide some! Anyway, thanks a lot!!

Vanilla Face said...

Frankie: Really? That's cool, I didn't think anyone would prefer this one to the first, but you're the 2nd person to tell me that now. Awesome to hear that "Break Your Body Down" is a Wierd party hit! Now, if only I could make my way up and attend one of those...

oldskool: Glad you dig it. Here's a quick breakdown since I don't have much time this morning:

Artistic Control and Aaah...! are related projects with some of the same members. Aaah...! is obviously a bit more well known due to their two 7" releases. Artistic Control was led by Kez Stone who has dabbled in a few projects since those times and I must tell you, it's all quite good. That guy should have been a huge star.

Decode was a short-lived band that released only one 7". The band included Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip fame on bass synths. There was apparently a full album recorded, but sadly Claus doesn't want to release it. Fingers crossed that he will eventually change his mind!

The Trial had a few 7" records, cassettes, and one LP. This song comes from that LP. There's a video/version for the song that I don't have, but I'd like to get a hold of!

Fizzy Scalps is a very obscure French act featured on a V/A 7" called "Fire! Rockele".

Bobby and Synthia were, as the name suggests, a guy/girl duo. The band was from Canada and as far as I know only released a 12" EP called "Thiry-Six Hours". Pretty good songs on it, "Video Violence" is featured on "None Night of Flexipop Vol. 2".

Siflèt is another very obscure French band featured only on a V/A LP called "Sous Paradis Ou La Photo Perdue". I know almost nothing about them.

Tres needs no introduction, as I mentioned on CN1, these tracks come from a series of demo tapes. There will be another on CN3.

The Paradox were featured on a few V/A comps in the mid/late 80s. This song was featured on a couple of them. They are also featured on the more popular "Contactdisc 5".

Sidewalk Cindy are a Swedish act that have 3 cassette albums, all self-released. They were also featured on a V/A called "Faces And Images". I'd really like to hear their first cassette called "Lonely Hears and Backbeats", if anyone has it.

David Sinfield is from the USA and this track comes from a 4-track 7" called "Oblique Strategy". It's extremely scarce, and I believe there is a bootleg version. The most notable thing about David Sinfield, I suppose, is that he was in the more well-known and sought after "League of Nations".

Astrea Redux are a German act that I don't know too much about. They made music up until fairly recently, and may continue to do so although I'm not certain. There are a few versions of this song, but I like this one best. Members of this band were also in "Endzeit", who have a hard to find 12" called "Sternenlicht". Nice track! Maybe it'll show up here one day...

Caplo Banaal I have posted before, not too long ago. This song is an unreleased demo, graciously provided to me by Lloyd from the band.

Paul Chambers is from the USA and the song comes from a V/A called "The Apprentices Dance". The other song he had on that compilation can now be heard on a recommended release called "The Anna Logue Years" on Anna Logue Records.

Hope this helps.

Vanilla Face said...
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Anonymous said...

Vanilla Face, thank you very much for this load of information despite your being in a hurry ... Very much appreciated! Looking forward to your next comp.

Anonymous said...

omfg i can't wait to hear this. keep them coming. i literally am living to hear these. they are the highlight of my life.


Anonymous said...



Rickard said...

hey, you posted the Climax cassette comp a while ago and i fell in love with the band Danton's Voice. Now i am looking for the 12''s they released. according to discogs there is three of them, 'Kick your..', 'Magic Mushroom' and 'Yoshua'. Is it possible for you to upload if you have them? I have been trying to find them, without any success...

...Discogs Invoice :-) said...

...hey Rickard,since you already saw them over at Discogs,
then why not simply buy and share them yourself?... ;-)

Vanilla Face said...

Hah. Rickard, I have some other Danton's Voice stuff, but I don't know how quickly I'll be able to get it to you. I'll post it in these comments when I have the time. I can tell you that I don't like the other tracks I have nearly as much as the track from the Climax tape. I recommend buying this:

It's a bunch of stuff from the Climax tape and then some more. That Danton's Voice track is quite good.

Vanilla Face said...

The manager of Caplo Banaal asked me to remove the song from the compilation, as he is going through a remastering process, apparently. So the link will be gone for a while until I get the chance to re-upload it without the song included. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

loves it


Anonymous said...

It's too late. The track has leaked. It is on all the p2p networking sites. 2 months from now the un-mastered track will be on 43% of the world's computer hard-drives. In 6 months the track will be playing at almost all Euro-dance clubs and hot spots encompassing the globe. In one years time, the song will merge with a vicious malware application programmed by a company trying to sell boot-leg viagra somewhere in downtown Minniapollis. The merger will cause the conglomered song to mutate. The result is a hybrid super cyber virus. As the virus crawled its' way through millions of pcs, it finally reached the pentagon. It then,acting as a wyrm, shut down the central nuclear strike system. Thinking that the country had been attacked by the enemy,it was responded with a counter attack. But, this was what the virus had counted on. When the order was given to send out the first war-head, all guidance and control of the warheads was lost, as the maverik song had overidden all authority. Missiles launched uncontrollable to all parts of the globe. Seeing that a launch had been made, all countries of the world responded accordingly. After the tumult, very little of the Earth as we know it was left.

Be carefull next time you post a song. Our very lives may just depend on it....

Vanilla Face said...

That is by far the best comment that'd ever been left on this blog.

Anonymous said...

It's gone. It's all gone!! Why Caplo Banaal. WHYYYY!!!!!

kez said...

i love you nick :-)

DJF said...

"Fallen Angel" should have been an opening credits movie theme with someone stealing a car and outrunning the police...

Anonymous said...

Caplo Banaal should fire their greedy manager, he's doing more harm than good. I mean, first you post their single giving them much needed exposure after all these years, then one of the band members gives you some demos for further promotion. Suddenly, the manager comes out of hiding and ruins everything. what the hell?

Anonymous said...

@ to Daniel:

-> Did the guy managed to get away though? :-)