Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stahlnetz - Wir Sind Glückluch (1982)

Here we have a great LP out of Germany by the synthpop act Stahlnetz. It sounds a bit like a more melodic Grauzone, and is similar to Bizarre Leidenschaft, if you liked that. Hopefully I have some NDW fans out there, so these posts aren't all for not ;-x. This is pretty good throughout, I suppose a notable track would be the single "Vor all Den Jahren", but other favorites would be the opening and closing tracks. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Der Seemann Und Die Stewardeß
A2 - Romantisch
A3 - Fahr Doch Mit Dem Automobil
A4 - Der Wahre Schatz
A5 - Alles Gute
B1 - Schwarzes Gold
B2 - Matrosen
B3 - Vor all Den Jahren
B4 - Im Palast
B5 - Der Falsche Kuß



Anonymous said...

Thx a lot for posting this. I will check out El Deux next!

Anonymous said...

I have both the 7'' and 12'' of the single 'vor all den jahren', if you wish to share here on your very nice blog. Let me know!

stahlnetz[at] (no i'm not a member of the band).

Anonymous said...

danke. aber leider ist der download nicht mehr online :(