Sunday, September 27, 2009

Les Ziglous - Fou D'Amour (1987)

Updated info received: This was not created as a wedding gift as previously stated here and elsewhere. I have been contacted with the following info:
A group of friends wrote and recorded Fou d'Amour in 1987 in the north of France. One of them was a musician with a small music studio. It was an independent production, not assigned to any record label. They were interviewed on local radio about the song and the inspiration. A freelance illustrator friend designed the cover and another friend took the photo of the group (on back cover).
Thanks for the update, Nicola! Enjoy.

Track List:

A - Fou D'Amour
B - Amour Fou



Anonymous said...

Holly hell, talk about rare! Thanks for sharing this little, nearly impossible to find gem. You rock!

Anonymous said...

It's quite incredible you have that, up to 150 copies given for free at the guests at the marriage party of one of this male duo of artists (mainly painters than musicians)round 1984-5 :these must have been one adult copy made by themsleves, usually all tho others copy you can hardly find in France are handmade by the kids of family and friends...really, where did you get that? I really wonder...

Nicola said...

Really interesting to see this post. I can shed some light on the Ziglous as I was married to one of the four singers: Jean-Philippe Pinsar and we are still good friends. However, I would add that you have got most of the facts wrong: the single wasn't given as a gift to the guests at a wedding, let alone one of the singers' weddings. There may still be some copies available in Paris. Let me know if you are interested in finding out more about this French gem. You can reach me via email. Best, Nicola Firth (