Friday, September 11, 2009

Bizarre Leidenschaft - Geheimnis (1982)

Here's a record that deserves a little more attention. Surely the most knowledgeable of you already know this one (or are lucky enough to own it), but I'm guessing many haven't yet had the pleasure. Fantastic minimal synthpop album out of Germany, that I can honestly say is a great listen from beginning to end. Favorites from this would be "Störung", "Geheimnis", and "Himbeerschokoladentorte". Don't be surprised if you're reminded of Grauzone on occasion. :) Check it out!

Track List:

A1 - Bizarre L.
A2 - Störung
A3 - Oho
A4 - Geheimnis
A5 - Kulissen
B1 - Himbeerschokoladentorte
B2 - Plasticpuppen
B3 - Tanzbär
B4 - Mädchen
B5 - Frauenbeine
B6 - Rio

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Download (direct)


Anonymous said...

sehr gut! ^ ^

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This is a very good track list. But where is it possible to download it?? I'd like to get it.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, seems like you've a worse copy of this album than I have. I transferred my cassette copy to a CD-R disc a long time ago.

thanks anyway for the album front and sleeves! :)

sounds in my pc like recording from a can or something.

No, I will not upload my copy to somewhere store as rapidshare, mediafire or anywhere else.

Also discovered your copy from someone else's blogspot.