Thursday, September 3, 2009

Diviacchi - Waiting For Heaven (1985)

I believe I had a request for some dark italo, the other day. Well, this is... dark... ish. Ok, maybe it's not that dark, but compared to some of the italo-disco that's out there... this will do ;D

Only release by the band that I'm aware of, this is the Maxi 12" and does not contain the radio version. I think you'll like this one a lot, it definitely has the italo synth magic that takes us on a dreamy ride. Corny? I needed a break from that heavy Lowlife stuff. Enjoy!

Track List:

A - Waiting For Heaven
B - Waiting For Heaven (Instrumental)



anthony said...

Thanks a lot for posting some great rare Italo, much appreciated!!

Dawn Davenport said...

me rikes u a rot.

chris read said...

If you like dark italo, you might ant to check out eastwall's 'ice of fire', poesie noire's 'gianconda smile', cetu javu's 'situations', steel mind's 'bad passion', mike mareen's 'dancing in the dark', fockewulf 190's 'bodyheat' and anything by kirlian camera (until they turned into lumbering 90's ebm pseudo nazis yawn). However, you probably have all of those already and are thinking 'well, duh!' Your blog rules like Henry the 8th!

a custom term paper service said...

By the way an Italo disco revival is also contribuited by northern european labels as "Iventi d'azzurro" (The Netherlands) and "Flashback records" (Finland), with rearranged releases of the old hits and unreleased demos resung by the original Italo singers, but also new songs by these