Friday, September 11, 2009

Various Artists - Topless Game (1980)

This is a rip that I assume a few of you have been waiting to surface. A great Belgian collection of artists, including Bene Gesserit and Design. This version of Design's "Premonition" is exclusive to this release, and slightly different to their recently released 7" version (which is worth buying, I might add, get it here). Anyway, enough chit chat. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Bitoks À La Russe - Tu Dois Partir
A2 - The Ashes - Desire You
A3 - Flowers By Throe - Give Us
A4 - Duty Free - The Warrior
A5 - Subject - Italian Summer
B1 - Darkness - When I Saw You
B2 - Nosy Parker - The Earth
B3 - Anonym - Bad Dreams
B4 - Cristal Swallow - Dying Alive
B5 - Bene Gesserit - From Brussels With Love For Our Japanese Friends
B6 - Design - Premonition

Download (sendspace)
Download (direct)


anthony said...

Hello, great music again, thanks for posting such a rare album!
If you have the italo track by Ape - "Time To Change" can you please post that too,
Many thanks

Vanilla Face said...

Hey anthony, you're welcome. Thanks for saying thanks :)

Here is the 12" you are looking for:

Anonymous said...

this is so awesome. thanks.

djbethell said...
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