Monday, September 21, 2009

Anouschka Renzi - Robot Love (1988)

Here we have a very satisfying and rare italo-disco single by producer Django Seelenmeyer and German actress Anouschka Renzi. This was her one and only hit, and she made the best of it. I should note (and I am guilty of this) that people often overlook the instrumental versions of these italo records, because they're just not as interesting, or what have you -- but this one is pretty nice, worth paying attention to. Enjoy!

Track List:

A - Robot Love
B - Robot Love (Dub Instrumental Version)



Anonymous said...

super italo! thx 4 sharing

Anonymous said...

Horrible actress in German soaps nowadays... lol
I've always hated this fkn lifted b**** ...but there is at least one good aspect now ;)
(but still Aaarrrgh!)
I really wish I hadn't "googled" for her! lol

btw love this blog :)

cheers from Germany!

Anonymous said...

used to be my favourite song... in my teenage years lol

buying research papers said...

why only teenage - I think this song counds well even today. and BTW - I'm a 42 years old, and I like this song

MasterMind said...

Delicius tunes. Great voice. Thank you