Saturday, September 19, 2009

Art Interface - Great Big World of Noise and Shit (1986)

I decided to rip this record mainly because I have not seen it around anywhere, but also because the song "Secretaries from Heaven" is pretty damn good and ultra-catchy. It's a rather strange record, in that it starts out as a sort of rock album, until it gets to the aforementioned track, becoming almost an entirely new album -- or band, even.

I received this LP directly from the artist (Douglas Vasey) who also provided me with the "Wardance" 7inch, which I will post below for those interested. Here is what he has to say about the record:

"when i started in 79 guitar ruled; synths were new weird toys. to me, when i came up w/ it in 81, sfh was a parody of synth music- so simple it about played itself- but i had those great lyrics on hand, and the combination of the 2 was more than expected. tho i have done lots of synth based songs [even songs where what sounds like a guitar is overdriven synth-sig. bother, overcome] i still prefer more melodic /poetic compositions [not ballads, mind you! ugh!]. by the 90's it was apparent there was a real rift in music AND in my writing, so i reorganized my output accordingly into 2 bands- AI, & Earthbound. most people like the AI stuff better. however @ the time the lp came out it was still anything goes, so that makes the mix of songs included on it a bit of both. now its a relic, but i dont want anyone to feel cheated by its diversity..."

With that said, I'll admit I'm not too into the more rock-ish part of the album (the first 5 tracks), but then, my tastes are pretty synth-driven. The remainder of the record is a pretty enjoyable synth obscurity, though. So check it out!

Track list:

A1 - Blue Menace
A2 - No Face
A3 - Beautiful/Invisible
A4 - Summer
A5 - Death In The West
A6 - Secretaries From Heaven
B1 - Assassin
B2 - After The Fact
B3 - Chinese Take Away
B4 - Dub In The West
B5 - This Day In History


Art Interface - Wardance (7") (1984):

A - Wardance
B - Raygun Assassins



gianluca said...

thanks so much for these two... it's a sweet share.

I'm still getting crazy trying to find the "Wardance" music video, if you could help with that I would be truly grateful, had it on a lost UNDERGROUND USA vhs compilation.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks! Been searching for secretaries from heaven for donkeys. Cheers. said...

Wow.... this is funny. I found out only a few days ago that this was my dad's friend's band, Mr. Douglas Vasey. I found a postcard he sent my dad a long time ago. It portrayed a picture of a half-skinned man, holding boom box up to his ear, with the words "ART INTERFACE" next to him. For the longest time, I thought it was a graphic art design thing, or something. Nearly all of this postcards were drawn, sporting the logo ART INTERFACE. In the Wardance music video, I believe Mr. Vasey is the Man saying "Go for it, Mr President. Go for it." I've always known the Mr. Vasey was an... "eccentric" man, but I never would have guessed a synth-rock hit. He's been in my life for longer than I can remember, and I'm surprised I was never told about this.

Unknown said...

Just want to party don't want no fight. Kcully123 I love you.

MORNING said...

simply AMAZING!!!

TheCoverVerse said...

The Wardance 7'' link is still down.

vmkkith said...

Any chance of a fresh upload of wardance as it's dead. Bloody fantastic single.
I was given the lp by the Co producer of some of their stuff Ian Bishop-Legget. I still have two copies somewhere. I just just found this blog wondering if anyone else had heard of them.

Scraps said...

Wardance is still dead. (If you wanted to re-up but had forgotten.) (If you knew and can't for some reason, of course, I don't want to bug you.) ;-)

Seriously, it's awesome that you still keep your downloads up. Thank you so much.

emuziek said...

DV is a great guy. I have that LP. 'Sealed' and includes the note and stern warning : "DO NOT OPEN. Will lose value! - (Besides you have everything already)." 2020 and still sealed. Played "Wardance" on my set: