Wednesday, September 23, 2009

El Deux - Best of (1982, Remaster)

Another great synthpop/new wave release of the non-English variety (I'll get back to English soon enough!). This is a curiously named release by a band that had one LP with one single, which essentially means everything they've done is their best, and I suppose no one can argue that! It is indeed an enjoyable listen throughout. Most of these tracks are from their Nur Für Mädchen LP, hold the final track "Video King", which was the b-side to their "Gletscher" single.

Track List:

01 - Computer-Mädchen
02 - Mädchen (Lass Das Sein)
03 - Mein Ding
04 - Ich Möcht' Ich Wär' 1 Millionär
05 - 50 Jahr, Blondes Haar
06 - Gangster Tscha Tscha
07 - Gletscher
08 - Wir Tanzen
09 - Spieglein, Spieglein
10 - Video King

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Oh, they are my favorite musicians! They are so talented! Really quality music!

DubMe said...

Thanks! Great album, great music...

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Great stuff, cheers!