Sunday, October 18, 2009

Various Artists - 13 (Lively Art) (1990)

Great compilation LP here, nice mix of artists and styles. Teepee (what an unfortunate name) starts things off with a surprisingly great track, it's a shame we never heard more from this band. What follows is a group of fantastic bands that many of you are already familiar with, I'm sure. The Asylum Party track was exclusive to this release (until being re-released in 2006) and is, in my opinion, one of their best. Also featured here is a 5 minute version of Little Nemo's classic "City Lights", always a fine choice. Be sure to catch the Collection d'Arnell Andrea track... hauntingly beautiful darkwave. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Teepee - Tribes Are Meeting
A2 - Asylum Party - Love Or Madness
A3 - Data-Bank-A - This Place
A4 - Sky Cries Mary - Lover Pot Pie
A5 - Numb - Stiff
B1 - Little Nemo - City Lights
B2 - Mary Goes Round - The Party
B3 - Museum Of Devotion - Guimbi Come Home
B4 - Club De Rome - Istante
B5 - Collection d'Arnell Andrea - Anton's Mind Getting Home



goutroy said...

Ha! I was just about to rip this record. Thanks for saving me the trouble! Such a great label...

Anonymous said...

Hell yes, Livery Art!

Anonymous said...

"T.P. band created by members of Little Nemo, Asylum Party and Mary Goes Round regarding to Touching Pop, the personal way they called their French Dark Wave." so says INM0R4L on youtube.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this mr crispy, also big hello from south patagonia ice cap

Unknown said...

Museum of Devotion prides itself as cold wave.
Check out our new material, dark and aggressive!

Thanks people,
James cooper