Monday, October 12, 2009

Infam - I Won't Loose My Faith (1990)

Infam are a German synthpop band that first formed in 1985, but did not release a single until this one, in 1990. Infam continues to release music to this day. There is definitely similar styling to early 90s synthpop bands like Beborn Beton, And One, De/Vision, etc (which may or may not sit well with you)... certainly in the title track... but it's the B-side that I really like from this one. It could just be me, but I really hear a similarity to the Eleven Pond vocalist here. Anyway, Enjoy!

Track List:

A - I Won't Loose My Faith
B - The Way Of Pleasure


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now that you mention it, the b-side does sounds like Eleven Pond, lol.
Great cold-synthie record indeed!