Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Warm Dark Pocket - Warm Dark Pocket (1986)

Warm Dark Pocket was a project of Robb Earls and Marilyn Blair which formed not too long after Earls' previous (and more well-known) band, Factual. One of the few DIY wave bands from Nashville, Tennessee. Great intimate echoey male and female vox with uptempo rhythms and cold backgrounded guitars and choral synth textures.

From the insert:

"Warm Dark Pocket brings music back to the basics of well defined beat charged with emotion and atmosphere." -Robb Earls

"Warm Dark Pocket is one of the wild mysteries of the universe -- one with solid definition yet open and expansive." -Marilyn Blair


Track List:

A1 - Door Inside
A2 - Pressure Zone
B1 - The Other Side
B2 - Shadows Burning


To hear Earls' previous band, Factual, go to this hotspot. Thanks, Goutroy!


Anonymous said...

Awesome EP, never heard this one before. Thanks for posting it!

goutroy said...

Well, by coincidence, I just ripped and uploaded the first two Faction records. Thanks for this!

Anonymous said... That is just a little over an hour from here. I've got to check this out. Iam about the only one in this state I know that listens to stuff like this. Should be interesting.Thanks..


Abbey said...

I know Rob Earls and I keep telling him to release their stuff. He gave my b/f one song for a comp called Return to Elliston Square. Featuring tons of Alternative Nashville bands. Thanks for sharing this.