Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kofe - Discography (84-86)

Finding information on this group was far from easy, as most of it is in Russian, but with a little help from Google translate and my friend zomg, I've gathered a fair amount of info:
Kofe (Кофе), or "Coffee", was formed in 1983 by Edward Nesterenko, Alexander Senin, Stanislaus Tishkov and Gregory Kobeshavidze and almost immediately with the participation of then-novice sound engineer Alexei Cherry recorded his debut album, "Ballet." The band played "new wave", used the texts in the spirit of neo-romanticism that then rock scene was a bit unusual. In 1985, from "Coffee" leaves Kobeshavidze, but joined Igor Kopylov and Igor Petrov - former bassist and guitarist for "TV". The new composition of the group entered into a rock club, gave several successful concerts in the Palace of Youth, and even falling on the "Musical Ring", recorded their second album "Balance". On the fourth rock festival, the group was not related, the rock community remained hostile - antisocial texts and sound too trendy "coffee" and scare away the critics and parties, while at the same time the audience. In 1987, the group ceased to exist.

For a more detailed description, go here.

Now, I want to focus on "Balans" because it is by far the better of the two. In fact, I'm only posting the first album for those who might be interested, but as fair warning it's not even comparable to the great sound of "Balans". The entire album is a synth wave gem, just check out "Put To Zero" and the last/title track. Great choruses and melodies. Enjoy!

Kofe - Balans (1986)

Track List:

01 - Vstuplenie
02 - Monument
03 - Princessa
04 - Put To Zero
05 - Computer
06 - Bagi-Shok
07 - Aristokratka
08 - Oshibka 135
09 - Lomanye Pliaski
10 - Efir 2101
11 - Balans

Download (link removed due to upcoming re-issue on Other Voices Records)

Some video for Lomanye Pliaski:

Kofe - Balet (1984)

01 - V Poiskah Zvuka
02 - Sochini Ulybku
03 - Kotoryi Den
04 - Balet 1
05 - Telepat
06 - Baron 2002
07 - Balet 2
08 - Twist
09 - Ver Mne

(link removed due to upcoming re-issue on Other Voices Records)


Anonymous said...

I do like the album. I bet I'd ran into some of their music when I had 5 mp3 volumes of Russian Synth Wave music. Great stuf :)

Anonymous said...

The balans lp is awesome. Trully stunning work :)

Jon said...

i can't stop playing put to zero!

frankie teardrop said...

the balans record has been a favorite of mine for about six months running. aces!

ps- i have both move releases pending a rip from their owner! i will be able to fulfill one of yr requests soon!

Anonymous said...

after the end of the band "Kofe", her three musicians - Ed Nesterenko, Alex Senin and Igor Kopylov founded the group "Petlya Nesterova" (1987-1991, 1993-2008) - a warm melancholic post-punk highest order, I advise everyone to listen;)

Anonymous said...

"Petlya Nesterova" ("Петля Нестерова" - this group Ed Nesterenko, which he created after a group of "Kofe"


Anonymous said...

1994 post-Soviet cover of PUT TO ZERO


buy essays uk said...

only two albums?? sad, I'd like to this music never ends. great band

othervox said...

"Balance" will be available on CD via Other Voices Records in 2012!