Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Art Interface - This Day In History (CD-R) + Wardance Video

After the first Art Interface post, I had a request for the Wardance video. So, thanks to the generosity of AI's Douglas Vasey, I've received the video as well as a CD-R containing further works by the band. I hope you don't mind that I kept the mullet-sporting host in the video clip, I think it's a nice touch (hah!). Enjoy!

This Day In History (CD-R)

Track List:

01 - Secretaries From Heaven
02 - Chinese Takeaway
03 - Raygun Assassins
04 - This Day In History
05 - Commie Plot
06 - The Walls Have Ears
07 - Wardance
08 - Dance Hit
09 - Real Pretty-Like
10 - City Of Funk
11 - New Mood
12 - Joyride
13 - World's Happiest Person
14 - Cross That Line, Buddy You Die
15 - The Parable Of The Insane Leading The Blind
16 - Sermonette
17 - Secretaries From Heaven ('81 Demo w/ '09 Radio Overdub)


Wardance Video (taken from UNDERGROUND U.S.A. #14 VHS)



zomg said...

Douglas Vasey for next President -> Go For It!!! ;-)

The least i can say...deeply thanks for making available this great Music!

Josef said...

The video is aaaawwwwweeeesooome

Chrissie A said...

Nice to see this posted for all to enjoy!

(I am the 'reporter on the street' in the video, by the way. Ahh, the happy memories I have of shooting that segment over and over and over...)