Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ladomir - Discography (87-09)

Ladomir are a new wave / post-punk / synthwave band which originally formed in Helsingborg, Sweden in 1984. The band moved to Gothenburg in 1985, played a lot of gigs around Sweden and released 3 singles, all of which are below (my favorite is probably Laika). In 1988 the band broke up, but reunited in 2006. They released a brand new, full-length album in 2009 (which I will post, as they've made all tracks available for free online). Let me tell you, we should be very grateful they did, as it is truly fantastic! Just listen to "Under Noll", "Inte En Hund", and others. The entire album is a brilliant blending of styles and instrumentation, really.

First, the singles:

Inför Min Dom (7") (1987)

A - Inför Min Dom
B - Bara Inte Tystnad

Tro Mig (7") (1987)

A - Tro Mig
B - Beväpna Er


Laika (7") (1988)

A - Laika
B - Cysifos


Now, the full length:

Ladomir (2009)

01 - Under Noll
02 - Marken blundar Där Jag Går
03 - Lust
04 - Inte En Hund
05 - En Helt Ny Taktik
06 - Den Lyckliga Människan
07 - Den Girige
08 - Evig Längtan
09 - Lycka Till
10 - Stora Svarta Hus (II)
11 - Min Orsak




Anonymous said...

Swedish synthpop is fantastic! thanks for helping me discover this band, now I'm addicted to it.

Anonymous said...

Nope, inte är det Ladomir som gömmer sig bakom Inför min dom-länken inte…