Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tora Tora - Antinéa (1987)

This is an amazing 7" out of France that will grab you in the first few seconds. Really compelling, dark, and beautiful synths with female vocals. These are existing mp3s I've had sitting around, and the quality is good on the A-side (which is the better track) and decent on the B-side, but when I'm feeling a bit less lazy I'll re-post a better rip. For now this should do fine. Enjoy!

Track List:

A - Antinéa
B - Bébés Athées



zomg said...

...5 stars for the single - plus 2 extra...badges of honor for CrispyNuggets once again! ;-)

MOMO said...


Unknown said...

Hi! These are killer songs, is it possible to upload that better quality rip, tnx!!!!

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC WORK!!! Thank you very much for sharing. =) Oh if possible it would be great to have also the second song in better (320) quality. Pretty please. =)