Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still A House - Untitled Cassette (1986)

This is an ultra obscure, demo cassette for which I can find no information whatsoever beyond the year and country (UK). If there's anyone out there who can shed some light -- would love to hear from you. I've done my best to clean up the sound, but it's still pretty raw, as you'll see. Worth checking this one out, though. It's got that dark synth flavor we all know and love. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - I Want To Be With You
A2 - This House
A3 - Break It Up
A4 - Radio Active



Capa Nostra said...

Thanks for all the great hard-to-find records. I just added you to my bloglist. Greetings!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect example of mid-80s minimal synth. Despite the sound quality, I love it! In fact, the lo-fi rawness of the sound makes it better in my opinion. :P

I hope more info about this band surfaces...

Marc said...

This cassette is a fake. The songs are originally by Etage Neun
(And Re-Released on LP)