Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Symbols - Voices (1982)

Really nice and obscure 12" from the US here. Starts a bit down-tempo and brooding with the title track, and picks up the tempo a bit through the b-side, while losing none of the mood. The early 80s really is a bottomless pit of outstanding gems... or so we hope... Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Voices
B1 - Speed of Light
B2 - Broken Promise

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Anonymous said...

genius, genius, genius

I hope the 80's stay bottomless :)

in awe

Anonymous said...

And this is one outstanding gem! Just listening for the first time I am already convinced. Creative and very well written tracks with an interesting instrumentation and a good singer. Much of the stuff you offer here is far too simple and radio-friendly for my taste (not meant to offend you! Tastes are just different) -- but this one isn't. Even gets a little proggy at times. Reminds a little of Roxy Music and Japan, but not too much. Thank you very much!

Vanilla Face said...

No offense taken, oldskool. I can understand that. A lot of the blogs post plenty of stuff like this, so most of the time I try to find something that would take it in a different direction. Glad you enjoyed this! I have to warn you, though, as I have quite a few radio-friendly posts planned. Hopefully, some things you'll like inbetween. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your warning, Vanilla Face! ;) I will listen to everything and comment when I like something especially. Keep on the good work!

seqman said...

For those who like this I just finished a restoration of 3 songs from the original 4-track demo tape I got from the band in '81. After getting back in touch with them, it think that there are only a few copies of the cassette left in the world. Follow my URL to my tucked away blog tracking highlights of my digital restorations.