Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Scientists - The Storm (1986) +

Great synthpop 12" out of Germany, featuring 2 tracks from the band's LP, as well as the track "Side By Side", which can only be found on this record.

+ The LP rip can be found kicking about, but with the file names & tags mixed up, so I uploaded an organized version here.

Track List:

A1 - What Will The Future Bring
A2 - Tell Me When Your Heart Beats
A3 - The Storm
A4 - Southafrica **
B1 - Shame On You **
B2 - Atomic War **
B3 - Why Don't You Stay
B4 - Watch Out
B5 - I Miss You

** really love these

+ The members have been involved in several other projects, including the band Cunning Toy in 1987. I have uploaded that record here. Uwe Kallenbach went on to join the group, Syntec. Rene Bachmann is a member of the band Oomph! and is now known as "Flux".

Track List:

A1 - The Storm
B1 - Side By Side
B2 - Watch Out



Anonymous said...

Awesome. I've trying to find this tracks for ages. Thanks for the post!!

Zorch said...

Hi Vanilla Face,

Your blog rules! I'm diggin' New Scientists, very cool.

You might actually dig my synth/drums duo Zorch. If you like it, please post it! You can listen to it at or download it for free in both high quality and mp3 format here - Also posted are all of the stems from the demo (keyboard, drums and vocals separate) for remix. If you do decide to post any of this please let us know ( and we'll send you a herd of puppies.

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

I've got something you can set sights on. On inertial records(same as label that intertia released most on) there was a band called recipe. Looks interesting, but can't find anything.... Good-Luck

Unknown said...

Thank you for your blog. A lot of great uploads like this one. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog looking for some good 80' sounds, and i would like to thank you so much for all these 'candies', specially for this neat band 'New scientists'. So nice !
I'm sure you'll like this band : SOVIET ^^

(sorry for my "frenchy" english)

Anonymous said...

omgomgomg !!! Pleaaase, help !!
This song : 'A2 - Tell Me When Your Heart Beats', i'm really fond of it, but it seems that the rip is a little 'buggy' ...
Pleeease ...



Anonymous said...

Hi to all synthPop lovers.
As a former pal of Uwe,Lutz and Rene i have to say thank You for preserving this part of my youth.
btw: I still love listening to this record (wich I own).

Vanilla Face said...

hello anon, and thanks. lucky to own this record, let me know if you ever want to get rid of it ;)

timm said...

Thx a lot for this great post. Listened to "tell me when your heart beats" and atomic war" on youtube,awesome!
see ya

Joel said...

Thank you so much for this! (really)

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for this post!!! It's so funny to listen to early steps of Oomph! :)

Anonymous said...

Just found that great music but I'm not able to download because the links are dead.
Could anybody upload the "The Storm" 12" again? Would be great!
The LP I found in another blog.
Thanks in advance!