Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wrinklemuzik - A Move To The Right (1981)

Ultra-rare minimal synth 7" out of the US, of which I know very little about. I believe it's the only release by the artist. This one really has the familiar sound of scarcity that we crave so much. The title track kicks things off nicely, with waves of trippy analog synthesizers and haunting vocal textures. What follows are two icey instrumentals, the first of which is more akin to track one, the last of which is quite strange and spacey... definitely worth checking out! Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - A Move To The Right
A2 - Bangkok
B1 - Rein

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Rem said...

Thank for good and rare music

Anonymous said...

very nice. thanks.

Dudley Morris said...

Hey, I remember this! Wrinklemuzik was the project of a guy named Kenn Lowy, who also wrote a column reviewing electronic music equipment for seminal US new-music magazine Trouser Press in the early '80s. He's also released a fair bit of stuff under his own name.

Unknown said...

There will be a new wrinklemuzik CD in the spring of 2010. I know this because I'm kenn lowy (a.k.a. wrinklemuzik). The other material, under my own name, is folk-rock-pop music. wrinklemuzik remains a lot of synths, and electronic guitar. You can follow what wrinklemuzik is doing on twitter:

Thanks for the great comments!

Anonymous said...

Another lost one found! Goodtimes
Love your music Kenn