Friday, November 13, 2009

Car Crash Set - Another Day (1986)

Here's the final 12" released by the very well-known and Car Crash Set, an amazing band that has had a few other tracks posted on various blogs, and released a great LP on Anna Logue records in 2008 (worth buying!). This record keeps in line with the rest of their releases, a collection of outstanding wave tracks that perfectly blend melodic synthesizer with cold guitar. Oh, did I mention it's produced by the legendary John Fryer? I'm fairly certain this hasn't been posted elsewhere, so enjoy this rare gem :-)

Track List:

A1 - Another Day (Extended Mix)
A2 - Talk To Me
B1 - The More You Win
B2 - East To West

Download -- had some issues with the tracks so I'm removing the link for now. Sorry all.


Josef said...

The "east to west" track seems to be the track Outsider from the Two Songs 12"... some mistake or should it be like this?

AR/KVB said...

Nice one... danke.

A.A. (Manic Andy) Desrosiers said...

Now why can't great art like this be used in advertising music ore often? I miss thedays when cover art like this was the norm and not some half hearted photo of the musician(s) posing in a lifeless pose.

CCS said...

Thanx for your kind comments.

As Josef has pointed out, the last track (B2) in the rar file is in fact Outsider from the Two Songs EP.
track one Another Day seems to be missing,East and West is B1

I hope this helps

Vanilla Face said...

Ah, I'd forgotten to follow up on this after reading Josef's comment. Thanks for helping to clear things up.

Unfortunately, I'd bought the 12" a while back, then downloaded mp3s that I assumed were correct (so I wouldn't have to rip it)... but then I traded the record for something else. So I have no way to correct this one. For the time being I'll just remove the download link. Sorry all.

Pablo said...

re up