Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pop Negatif Wastad - Self-titled (1989)

Things got a bit light and pop there for a minute, didn't they. Let's go dark. Here's an excellent mini-LP from the UK, layered in darkness from beginning to end. The record kick-starts with "Valium", a brilliant track with drilling synth and male/female vox. Maybe my favorite, but hard to say. You may be familiar with "Iawn", which has gotten some play on them youtubes. See the bizarre video below. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Valium
A2 - Pop Negatif Wastad
A3 - Kerosene
B1 - Iawn
B2 - Pop Negatif
B3 - ''Helo Rhywbeth Newydd''



Harold said...

wow! thanks!!!

headgrocer said...

I released this record on my label Central Slate. I'm very happy for you to share it here, but if anyone would like a real vinyl copy, I still have a small number left that you can buy here: