Friday, February 18, 2011

Fix & Fertig - Wie Der Lichte Tag (1984)

Really nice minimal weirdness from Deutschland. Both male and female vocals set against droning, pulsing minimal beats and clashing percussion. Plenty to enjoy about this peculiar obscurity. There's a band by the same name on Discogs, but nothing other than coincidence would lead me to believe they're related, as the style and sound surely aren't... I suppose it's possible they changed their sound from uber kalt awesomeness to corny garbage, though. Who knows? Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Cube Carrelage Blanc
A2 - We Shall Overcome
A3 - Les Gammas
B1 - Eingesperrt
B2 - Duck Duck



musique said...

The name is a common phrase in German, so it's easily possible that there do exist more than one band with that name. Have a look:


Unknown said...

again u deliver nice tracks =)

Murky Recess said...

A real gem! Thanks, nillerface.