Sunday, February 27, 2011

Modern Jazz - The Nude (1986)

Wonderful band from Australia that I'm sure most everyone is familiar with by now. You may remember them from the excellent Signal To Noise Set compilation which was posted by Goutroy, and their "Bubble Head Breakdown" tape was posted on Mutant Sounds. Both are highly recommended. This LP was released on Cleopatra Records which featured such bands as The Metronomes, Cybotron, and Second Glance. Speaking of, if anyone out there has Second Glance's "Tomorrow", I'd love to hear it! Oh, there's a copy of this record on eBay right now, just in case anyone out there is interested in picking it up while they have the chance. Doesn't come around too often! Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Whole Lot Of Shakin' Goin On
A2 - Daddy-O
A3 - Neon Tubes
A4 - She Engine
B1 - The Night The Good Boy Lost His Crown
B2 - Industry
B3 - The Great Outdoors
B4 - Baulderstein



jc said...

you really DON'T want to hear Tomorrow, trust me.

Anonymous said...

And so it showed....thanks :D


goutroy said...

Seriously. Tomorrow is pretty... um.... disappointing.

Vanilla Face said...

I've heard a few songs from it, but you know, I'm curious. Somebody cough it up.

On that note, though, it's always strange how a band can make one of the best songs in the genre (imo) and then suck out so hard w/ their other tracks.

Anonymous said...

'Last man in Europe'...that left me with the same feeling once the lp surfaced.

Vanilla Face said...

Couldn't agree more!

_ said...

you are a genuine gentleman for posting this!

_ said...

oh, i have the 5 track self titled cassette too, is that something people are interested in or is it available online?

_ said...

Modern Jazz 1983 cassette is here:

Anonymous said...

Please ReUp this if you can. thanks for all your great posts.