Friday, November 30, 2012

Various - 391 Marche (1983)

Today's post features an impossibly scarce tape compilation, provided to me by an Italian friend from the very Marche region the tape is named after. From what I understand, this is a twin compilation to 391 Umbria which I had previously posted here. The lead-off track is a winner (see below), but great obscure sounds from beginning to end that I think will touch every palette. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - 3B Unit - Tango In The Rain
A2 - Know How - - Horizon Sales
A3 - The End - Tears In My Eyes
A4 - The End - This Man
A5 - Evitaxal - Untitled
B1 - Modi - Stay Underground
B2 - Celery Price - The C. of the X.
B3 - Marylin's Pills - Marylin's Pills
B4 - Aut Aut - Lusitania
B5 - Aut Aut - For You



Anonymous said...

Was just looking for this,and a few other rare itali tapes(afterglow,In The World Of Faith Fear)....some were on a blog,but sadly erased.Thnk u sirs.

Maxine said...

You remind me of Michel Mulders from Spectral Display:)

Anonymous said...

dear you, I wish you a wonderful 2013, you're still the king of the blogger for me, too rare, but always subtle in your choice...I wish you health and happiness and a lot of money...Kissfrombelgium

Chris S said...

Such a wonderful comp. Thanks for sharing this gem with us Vanilla Face!

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