Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pitch Yarn Of Matter - Discography (93-95)

I thought it was about time to upload something from the southern hemisphere, for a change. Who better than PYM, as you'll come to find (if you're not already familiar with them). The band was a project of the possibly more well-known Nude's Marcelo Gallo. Based out of Brazil, originally, they released a demo cassette in '93 called "Bounds", which naturally has more of a DIY feel to it than the later 2 CDs, which were produced in Germany in 1995. Listen to them in order and it'll seem like every song gets better and better and better. "Strange Body" is probably my favorite of the bunch. Barely. Excuse the particularly weak album art on SIOM, heh-heh. Lots of good stuff here, my friends.

Oh, and to further wet your palette, they were produced by Andreas Sippel who also produced Second Decay. The 2 CDs were released on Subtronic Records, which has released other mega greats such as: Zwischenfall, Data-Bank-A, Beborn Beton, Twilight Ritual, Advanced Art/Two Witches... to name a few....

So, without further ado...

Pitch Yarn of Matter - Bounds (demo) (1993)

Track List:

A1 - The Poet
A2 - Lips Of Tragedy
A3 - Make Part Of Nothing
A4 - Signs In Our Minds
A5 - Safe & Sound
A6 - Senseless
B1 - Merely Human
B2 - Full Of Nothing
B3 - High
B4 - Man
B5 - Brave's Tear
B6 - Alles Schwarz (Pym V1.0)


Pitch Yarn of Matter - Signs In Our Minds (1995)

Track List:

01 - Sometimes (Intro)
02 - Pain
03 - Signs In Our Minds
04 - Flies
05 - Shadows Of Time
06 - Interchange
07 - Safe And Sound
08 - The Old Man
09 - Observer
10 - Inspired By Love
11 - Man
12 - These Eyes
13 - The Reason Right


Pitch Yarn of Matter - Strange Body (1995)

Track List:

01 - Brother Sun, Sister Moon
02 - So Tired
03 - Rare And Real
04 - Looking For
05 - Lonelyness
06 - Strange Body
07 - Gray Scale
08 - Father
09 - Channel 6
10 - To Be Born Again
11 - Fairy Tale


As a bonus, get a much cleaner version of "Alles Schwarz", here. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

loving it, thanks!

Sam said...

"Father" is blowing my mind! Great stuff, thanks for introducing!!

Anonymous said...

very good thx

A.M.S said...

Cara Muito Obrigado por Compartilhar estes Belos Álbuns Do P.Y.M . Estou assistindo o Marcelo na Live do Madame neste momento . Grande abraço . 2020

GIL SANTOS said...

Gostei do som pra caralho
Jóias raras do Underground nacional