Saturday, March 20, 2010

Anti-Matter - 2 x 7inch (81-83)

This is what I believe to be the band's entire discography. If there were other releases, please let me know. Both records self-released in the US on Prehistoric Records, and feature 2 minimal synth gems a piece.

Infatuation was produced by Ian North, who made a great 12" EP called "Rape Of Orchids", which I will post... hmm, after this!

Anti-Matter - Industrial City (1981)

Track List:

A - Industrial City
B - Invisible Man


Anti-Matter - Infatuation (1983)

Track List:

A - Infatuation
B - Digital Dance




sovetskaya said...

Thanks for the killer rips.

I'm having trouble un-archiving the Industrial City 7"... says it's unable to open?

help, thx

Anonymous said...

File is corrupted on the Industrial City 7" - only got the first song to extract. Repost please, it's great!

Vanilla Face said...

Sorry about the corrupt file, re-uploading it now. I'll put a note next to the Download link when it's up.

Unknown said...

Too bad nobody can it.