Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ZeitGeist - Der Kapitaen (1983)

I recently bought this 7" and I consider it worth every penny. It's an interesting blend of songs, the 2 tracks aren't very similar. The A side is more of a pop song, featuring female vocals, and then you have my favorite part of this record, the B side, which features dark, echoey male vocals, great synth melody, and brilliant drum work. You should really check this one out!

If anyone has anything else by them, I'd love to hear it. I believe they have a few LPs.


A - Der Kapitaen
B - Chor Der Besinnungslosen



dan said...

Excellent share as well... Two very nice NDW songs...

dan said...

Here is their Discography...

Frankensteins Kinder, 1981
Es lebe die Lebendigkeit, 1982
Leidenschaft, 1982
Nicht nur für eine Nacht, 1983
Der Kapitän, 1983

Zeitgeist, 1981
ZeitGeist, 1982
Gib mir Zeit, 1983

Their drummer was George Kranz who lateron released "Trommeltanz" I'm sure you know that song...