Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Last Man In Europe - ... A Certain Bridge (1981)

This is a nice 7" from the UK which sounds a bit like early Cure/Siouxsie at times -- in a good way of course. I'm particularly fond of "Complications". I've seen the first 2 tracks from this around, but never the last track, which is why I ripped this. Hope the sound is ok, let me know if it's not!


A1 - A Certain Bridge
B1 - T.V. Addict
B2 - Complications



anthony said...

Hello, you have an excellent blog, can you please re-upload the Last Man In Europe,
Thanks a lot

Vanilla Face said...

Hi Anthony, thank you :)
I will re-upload this rip in the next few days.
Sorry for the delay.

Anonymous said...

this is a great ep indeed. thank you.

ROOKSBY said...

Wow! Many. many thanks for this - I taped if off the radio back in '81/82 (when I was still at school!) & have never come across a copy since. Amazing to hear it again... x

Anonymous said...

one of my favourite!

Pater Emeritus II said...

Thank you for sharing this, greetings from Spain