Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Glass Lady - Glass Lady (1985)

Here's a serious favorite plucked from obscurity, at long last. It took a few years, but I finally tracked this baby down. Freshly ripped by yours truly and passed over to my partner in crime, Frankie who you all know and love from the illustrious SOR blog, still going strong! He will be cross-posting this for added exposure, and for the story of how we first heard about this little gem.

We'd gotten together at a Martial Canterel show on a cold night in NYC, and Sean (MC) told us he had some tracks we needed to hear on tape. So we hopped in his ride and he played a collection of obscurities compiled by a friend and fellow collector in Germany. It didn't take long before our eyes lit up, and the hunt began. Frankie was able to track down one of the favorites we'd heard, which you can check out here. Both had eluded us until recently, which just goes to show it's often a matter of time and persistence.

The sound on this should be a lot better than the low quality rip we'd circulated before. I ripped it direct and Frankie EQ'd it perfectly, I'd say. Please do enjoy this quirky slice of New Wave history! Stay tuned for more.

Track List:

A - Glass Lady
B - Glass Lady (Dub)



Silverygold said...

Thank you very much!

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this.I recorded this as you know years ago.I have not had a copy myself and have enjoyed hearing it again.I am glad somebody liked it.Maybe I will do a remix as so much water has now gone under the bridge.x