Friday, April 18, 2014

New Music: Ortrotasce - S/T LP (2014)

Thanks to the generosity of one Mr. Joey Buttons, owner of the relatively new Disko Obscura label, I've been granted early access to the next record to join his line-up of analog synth diamonds -- and it's the bomb.

Ortrotasce is the project of Nic Hamersly who, if you follow contemporary minimal synth artists, you are likely to have heard of by now. After a slew of web releases, a few tapes, and a 7" on FlexiWave, the time has finally come for a full-blown LP. The album represents a collection of tracks that Nic recorded across the US from 2012-2013, now mastered by A.J. Tissian, who has done work for Martial Canterel, Xeno & Oaklander, and Automelodi, just to name a few.

As an avid follower of Ortrotasce's music, I was quite pleased with the selection of tracks for this LP. In my quite humble opinion, Nic is one of the most versatile artists in underground electronic music today. Whether it's minimal, electro, ebm, coldwave, synthpop, cosmic, or even the more post-punk gothic stylings of his other project, Warmline (briefly reviewed here) -- it seems he can do it all. Tip 'o the hat to Disko Obscura for managing to corral and showcase a wide array of stylings, without sacrificing the cohesive feel of an album.

This has easily ranked among my most eagerly awaited releases, and I'm sure many of you already agree. Below you will find 2 free downloads provided exclusively for Crispy Nuggets fans. They do have excellent taste, afterall. The LP should be sent out from the pressing plant to European distros on May 7th, and the remaining copies will ship to Joey out of San Francisco on May 12th, then out to customers on the 16th. Please contact Joey for details. He'll start taking US pre-orders on the 7th! Enjoy!

Track List:

A1. World Un Related (free download!)
A2. Diffuse
A3. New System
A4. Shatter
B1. The Body (free download!)
B2. Losing Mind (listen on Soundcloud)
B3. Expanding Room
B4. Passion
B5. Exit

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Bonus! Ortrotasce performing "World Un Related" live at my underground synth night here in Orlando (best viewed in 720p):


futility said...

Nic Hammersly, hate that guy!

j/k! Way to go Nic!

Now come back to PDX for a while!

Atlas lisérgico (en construcción) said...

I don't like it. It hurts my ears :( do you imagine what the fuck sense these drunked boys?