Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Label: This Statement Records re-issues former Crispy Nuggets post with bonus tracks!

Extremely happy to announce a new release on a brand new label run by a very close friend in Greece called This Statement Records! He's been working his ass off to put together a re-issue of a former 7" posted on this blog, including 3 bonus tracks never heard before! The first release (of hopefully many to come) is for the brilliant UK band Distant Drums. Always been one of my favorite posts here and their brilliant 7" has been a must have for many collectors.

The artwork from the original release has been brilliantly transferred to 12" with some minor edits to include the new material. It really looks stunning, but the transparent blue vinyl is even more gorgeous (also available in standard black... but supplies limited for each!). I was thrilled with the sound of the record, the synths and vocals and bass all come through nice and clear, for every track. There is also an awesome insert on thick, sturdy paper with a great image of the band and bio on the back. Really impressed with every aspect of this release, I must say.

The 3 bonus songs are taken from the only known demo cassette in existence, so thankfully they are preserved in the grooves of vinyl and not lost forever! You can listen to those over on the label's website (links below). 

This record is limited to only 303 copies! I hope you like what you hear and support this brand new label. I know he can do great things if he gets off the ground. Thanks for reading, enjoy!

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ordered! thanks!!