Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Next up on Medical Records LLC: Laugh Clown Laugh

With Near Paris on the books (and hopefully on your turntables), it's time to announce the next release coming out on Medical Records in conjunction with Crispy Nuggets -- Laugh Clown Laugh! You may remember their minimal synthpop gem "Feel So Young" from the very first Crispy Nuggets compilation. We have collected the best of their unreleased tracks and compiled a full LP for your listening pleasure! Sam and Dominic of LCL have painstakingly remastered these tracks to perfection. They really do sound amazing, trust me on that!

If you need your memory refreshed, or if this is your first time hearing about the band, check the aforementioned track below, along with a video made by Tyler of Medical Records featuring one of the unreleased tracks. This release is expected to be available by (approximately) Sept 19th. Don't miss it!

More news coming, so stay tuned and please continue to support this great label. So many good releases on the horizon! Last but not least, you can expect to see Crispy Nuggets Vol. 6 here in the next few weeks... ;-)


Anonymous said...

really excited for Vol. 6! ;-)

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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geist said...

thanks for sharing! great news! next up mixed feelings LP???!!!

Patron said...

let's constantly changing links