Friday, March 15, 2013

Angie - Scheue Treue (1983)

Today we have a hard to find 7" from Austria by 'Angie', also known as Angie Mörth, who is probably most well-known as a member of the band Astaron. Our friend Goutroy provided a nice bio on that band, here. Well worth checking out, if you haven't already.

Angie provides us with 2 wonderful synth wave tracks on this record that I think will appeal to fans of Rive Gauche, Carol, Ann-ka, etc. Enjoy!

Track List:

A - Scheue Treue
B - Goldfinger



kill said...

Astaron ‎– Live At Festival Of Industrial Music, Prague 1989

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Angie who released the single, "The Computer Did?" I love that song on YouTube and it would be an awesome post here.