Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Joy Before The Storm - Silence Ever After (1985)

This LP has got to be one of the best US minimal synth obscurities. The album art represents the sound rather accurately, like looking through the window of a sad loner, just him and his analog instruments. Hah. The best track is most definitely "We're All Alone", but there are a few other gems littered in there as well. It's been extremely difficult to find any useful information regarding this record, I found some miscellaneous info on another US band by the same name, but there's no evidence they are linked. Info always appreciated. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Attic Window
A2 - We're All Alone
A3 - These Things Happen
A4 - We Should Be Closer
A5 - Cheerleader
B1 - Shadow Of A Radio Tower
B2 - Walking On Air
B3 - Quiet Past
B4 - Westchester Siren



Anonymous said...

We are Soul-Mates in musictaste, de facto/Dollorosa =)

Anonymous said...

Where is the FREE Obscure Identities Promotion in the description????



pop80s said...

Joy Before the Storm formed in Madison (Wisconsin) in 1984 by Matt Anderson (Voice and Synths) , Kevin Kaulson (Synths) and Dan Mckay (Drum Programming-Rhythm Box), Silence Ever After was written, recorded and mixed during the summer of 1984.
Coming soon a remastered re-edition - limited edition vinyl - 320 copies (Atemporal Records)