Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chanson Deux - Hinter Den Dingen (1986)

Here we have a long sought-after LP from Germany. It contains the well-circulated track "Der Staat" and, not surprisingly, a few other gems. Unfortunately this isn't the best rip, but I tweaked it as well as I could... so it'll have to do for now. Other faves from this one would be "Où", "To Je Pravda", "Je Suis Seule", and "Masse Mensch". I've gotta run for now, have a nice Sunday, everyone. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Masse Mensch
A2 - To Je Pravda
A3 - Der Staat
A4 - Mirrors
B1 - Je Suis Seule
B2 - Play For Love
B3 - Où
B4 - Hinter Den Dingen

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Anonymous said...

You have flair - what is good music/dollora =)

Anonymous said...

If we can believe discogs, this is by or at least with Harald Blüchel = Cosmic Baby, a few years before his techno career. Not too bad at first glance!

Vanilla Face said...

Yes, you are correct. I added him and his project in the tags here as you can see. He was a part of this band, but as far as I know was not the 'brainchild', so to speak.

Anonymous said...

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Where did I get that info?

Anonymous said...

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andy said...

thanks a LOT for this gem, very appreciated!

Appears to be somewhere in the void between Robert Görl (DAF), Palais Schaumburg and (earlier) Joachim Witt :)

We Open Art Houses (WOAH) said...

hi! i was wondering if you could try uploading this again. i was so excited to find it online...but redirected to a page saying cant find url. this is the BEST. and you are the best for sharing. thanks! -sharsten∞

MIke Brandon said...

how does from this host? it just lands me on ad pages- no matter what I click on.

any assistance would be appreciated.

love what you do here.

Vanilla Face said...

Not sure what's happening for you Mike, but I usually use Chrome or Firefox browser with Adblock extention so I don't typically run into a page loaded with ads. The Minus link appears fine to me, but to help you out I added a direct/hosted link as well that should work for you.