Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cry - Looking To The Future (1983)

Looking for a fix of that melancholic, DIY minimal synth sound? Well strap up, here comes an injection. The UK, land of so many nuggets, is responsible yet again for this one. The title track is a true gem of driving, pulsing synth and just the right touch of guitar mixed in. The b-side is a sleepy guitar-only ballad, but you won't mind when you go back to the a-side for another listen.

The band was supposedly going to release an LP, although I'm "fairly" certain that never happened (I hope I'm wrong). Maybe it was recorded, though. Maybe someone out there knows. Maybe a band member will see this and let us know. Maybe.

For now, Enjoy!

Track List:

A - Looking To The Future
B - Alone

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Anonymous said...

You're such a poser Nick :*

Vanilla Face said...


Anonymous said...

i'll try this one,thanks my friend. Hola from argentina

Anonymous said...

dear ,I sent you email,but it seems that you've not seen it...I hope that my proposal interests you...greetings

Anonymous said...

Signed copy spotted on ebay: