Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mørkelagt Bevegelse - A View X Another Victim (1983)

An ultra obscure tape from Norway is what's on the menu for today. This dish is quite tasty on it's own, but has been known to have been served with a side of Lister. That meal may be coming out of the kitchen soon, so save room for more. I think you'll enjoy the flavor, which starts out subtly, but picks up rather nicely around bite 4 and never looks back. Don't try to swallow it all at once, give it time to digest properly. And remember, this is a dish best served cold. Enjoy!

Track List:

A1 - Cheers From The Crowd
A2 - Under The 2nd Bridge
A3 - Til De Tvilende
A4 - Every 15 Seconds
A5 - Retrospective
A6 - The Stairs
A7 - Veins
B1 - Another Victim Pt. I
B2 - The Pray
B3 - The Chamber
B4 - The Survival
B5 - The Return
B6 - Four Walls, Too Many People
B7 - Another Victim Pt. II


1 comment:

bX-59cppw said...

...phew, super-rare - i'm kinda left speechless actually...
do remind me that i owe you really big time for sharing this one,
deeply appreciated!! you have indeed started releasing the bats eventually,hehe! :-)