Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Secret Life - Searching (1985)

How about a 2nd post for the day to make up for the 10-day hiatus. Probably you've heard of Secret Life by now, as they're featured on a handful of ace compilations, including the recent (and great) Underground Belgian Wave Vol 2 on Walhalla Records. Most everything I've heard by them is good, and this 7" hasn't changed that one bit. Sound is something similar to Invisible Limits / Invincible Spirit. Enjoy!

Track List:

A - Searching
B - Aggression



theCOLDTEARS said...

Your blog is really something special .... in my opinion THE ABSOLUTE BEST IN TURN ON THE WEB.

Dave said...

If it's a matter of ranking, why repost everyone else's work, COLDTEARS? What's the point?

DeeKay said...

Thanks, do you have more Secret Life material?

popoffmusic said...

Yes, on the 28 may 2011 there will be a album/vinyl/CD from them, with old songs.

You can see Secret Life one the website www.secretlife.be